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        blooray IT Solutions provides expert consultation in Medical Automation software projects applicable from small clinics to multi / super specialty hospitals. blooray MeDIC is an innovative software for hospital computerization (with/without Electronic Medical Records - EMR), developed in Kerala, India.

Are you a Doctor or a Hospital Director/Administrator?
Are you looking for...
     a) complete/Partial computerization of your
             Hospital/Medical Profession
     b) computerizing your Patient-care system introducing
             EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
     c) making your Medical Profession, High-Tech and Paper-Less
     d) revamping your existing system by replacing your old software
             with a Professionally-built one, without loosing
             current patient database
If YES to any, you have reached the right place!


Guidelines to medical automation

        Computerization of medical institutions is a necessity today. Speed and accuracy in data recording and quick retrieval of information are the major advantages of computerization. See all ››


Formula for successful automation

        The five vital components of hospital automation are initiative of the management, cooperation of the staff, expertise of the developer, suitable hardware and quality of the software. See all ››


What is distinct in blooray?

        blooray IT Solutions, Kerala, India is a specialist in hospital management software, especially EMR (Electronic Medical Records). Through sustained focusing coupled with several years’ expertise in hospital automation, blooray brings out world class solutions meeting the current needs as well as future expectations of medical practitioners and hospital administrators. See all ››


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Hospital Management Software, officially approved by Kerala Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons (KSOS), 2007-2009

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